domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2009

Elefanáticos - Integrated Campaign for Nova Schin beer

Nova Schin is the third beer brand in Brazil. The Nova Schin campaign – Ivory Coast “The Elephants” – was launched on the breaking of the 2006 World Cup, when the complete broadcast of the matches, as well as the Brazilian team themselves, were sponsored by the two leading beer brands, which are part of the same conglomerate. The goal was creating an unorganized group to cheer the Ivory Coast on to the vice-championship, for the championship was obviously destined to Brazil (or so we wished). Besides being an African team, enjoying great sympathy from Brazilians, the Ivory Coast would face Argentina, our toughest rival, the Netherlands and Serbia and Montenegro. “The Elephants” really needed our help.

To create the mood, billboard teasers were spread trough out the country, inviting Brazilians to support the Ivory Coast’s vice championship.

Later on, other billboards informed the hours of the matches.

Print ads were created to “teach” Brazilians how to root for the Ivory Coast. They thought the national anthem, the cheering routine, and even offered the fans a membership card.

At the user could join the Ivory Coast fans. He could also post and download videos, learn more about the Ivory Coast and win prizes.

There were also TV ads.

Thousands of gifts, such as the complete mat
ches key
and tiny elephant trunk masks were given out to the fans.

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